Creating a Life Designr!

So I spent the better part of last week creating what I’m calling a “Life Designr”. It’s basically a Life Planner but I am not big on the word “plan” so I went with design since that’s where my heart is at anyway!

I was inspired by a post on Pinterest and I just ran with it. I am so incredibly excited over this!

It is such a great way to stay organized and keep all your thoughts, inspiration and goals in one place.

I got this pretty binder at Walmart for like $6 and the rest of the stuff was just fun things we had lying around the house or that I was using for other things and re-purposed for my Life Designr.


I put Thank You cards, Post-It Notes and that cute little pen in the front pocket. (Motivation to write more Thank You Notes!)20170114_121841.jpg

My To-Do List and Inspiration tabs are up front (everyday I create a To-Do List after I say my daily intention and morning prayer)

My Inspiration tab has affirmations I love, this pretty vision board I made, a love letter I wrote to myself and a list of things to do in case I have a crappy day!


Next is my Growth/Goals – this is so I can set goals and then track my progress, I have different tabs for different areas in here – such as Family/Relationships, Emotions, Health, etc. I created some vision boards for some of those areas as well and everyday I try to write down some stuff I achieved that day in one of the sections, plus keep a consistent Gratitude List!


Vision Board Inspiration! I really love keeping my vision boards in a binder, I thought that was a fab idea since I rarely would create vision boards because I couldn’t figure out where to put them and they ended up just being clutter. Having them in a binder I look at everyday really keeps me inspired and focused on what I want to create.


Lastly, I have sections for Business and Prosperity. The business section houses my To-Do lists, goals, etc. The prosperity section is all about Money Affirmations, My Budget Worksheet and my Bill Tracker. (I made my own if you want the free print-out just shoot me an email).


That’s pretty much it! I love this thing so much and I am so glad I did this, it really has changed my whole perspective on journaling, setting goals, and keeping track of my money. I am so much better when I have paper and pen in hand.

What about you? How do you keep track of your life? I would love to know!




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