Pantry Project Complete!

Here is our first project totally completed! This pantry felt very cluttered and it just wasn’t working for the owner. She felt overwhelmed when she went into it and as a result she had no motivation to cook, she didn’t even want to open her pantry door!

So what I did is make things work-able for her.Here’s what we did: (you can also just scroll down to the video)

  • She had tiered shelving that we used for her spices, which she really loves.
  • We used these really cute little baskets (you can pick up at Dollar General in a variety of colors), to organize her teas, Tupperware, canned goods, etc. We will be adding labels but didn’t have time to do that prior to this video. I highly recommend labeling as much as possible.
  • We got everything up off the floor! Having too much stuff on the floor doesn’t allow all the yummy energy (or chi) to flow. When energy isn’t flowing everything feels stagnant or “stuck” which means you feel stuck and you won’t want to cook if you have that kind of energy in your kitchen.  (Read this post about Feng Shui for the New Year)
  • We used a rolling cart for all her food prep and packaging, which is so convenient!
  • We took all the heavy stuff off of the top shelf and moved it to the bottom shelf. When you put heavy things above your head it tends to create an overwhelming and overburdened feeling in that area. By placing these heavy items on the bottom shelf you create a grounded feeling which makes you feel clearer and more motivated. (Plus you avoid breaking your back trying to get those things down).

Anyway, here is the Final Reveal video! Let me know what you think in the comments below; how did you organize your pantry?

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