Feng Shui for the New Year

I love Feng Shui (however, I don’t love how complicated it can be)! I have been practicing Feng Shui in my own life for close to 10 years and I figured out a way to keep it simple and fun.

Feng Shui in its simplest form is all about allowing good energy to flow through your home or any space you occupy on a regular basis. This practice, even just using a few of the techniques, can totally change the way a space feels.

We are all emotional beings, so the way something feels to us will affect us more than anything. That is why I love the practice of Feng Shui, I call it Emotional Organizing because to me that’s really what it is, the practice of organizing to make something feel good to you!

In this post I will share with you a few simple tips to create spaces that feel sacred and loving; here they are:

#1 – Get the energy flowing!

Pick a room you particularly don’t like going into. Look around and ask yourself “If this room had water flowing through it where would it become stagnant?” For instance, if you have piles of things on the floor or lots of stuff piled up on shelves, etc. these are all areas where water would become stuck, stagnant and yucky. (In this analogy we are using water to represent the flow of energy).

Energy must circulate freely through any given space; lots of clutter or piles of things will decrease the flow of energy and this is what makes us feel bad or overwhelmed when we go into a room that has too many things without proper homes.

The key here is to get everything off the floor and use tubs, cubes or other storage thingy’s to create homes for all your things. Remember, if you feel overwhelmed during this process you are probably looking at the room as a whole. Always start with one area and once that’s done move onto the next area or section.

#2 – Your Front Door…

The entryway to your home represents the “mouth” of your home. A large amount of energy flows through this area and you want it to be yummy, “Welcome Home” energy. This is one area of your home that should be clean and clear. If you struggle with jackets, shoes, backpacks and other clutter in this area than consider creating a “command center”. This will make it easier for the kids to get off to school and keep good energy flowing into your home.

Here are some ideas: (You can also follow me on Pinterest for more great ideas)

  • Hang a Coat Rack/Hook area on the wall to hang coats and backpacks
  • Or Hang a separate hook for each for each child’s coat and backpack (Get some visuals here!)
  • Get a simple cube storage shelf and lay it on it’s side, underneath the coat hooks, for shoes. Each child could have his/her own cube for shoes. (Check these out from Target). They also have these at Dollar General!
  • Hang a mirror on the other side of the entryway – this brings in balanced energy and makes the entryway feel larger.

#3 – Heavy, Bulky Items

I say this over and over but it’s worth mentioning again here: Never put heavy, bulky items on the top shelf anywhere – even your closets. Why? Heavy items have heavy energy so when you store these items on the top shelf what ends up happening is you now have overbearing and heavy energy flowing through that space, (which can make you feel super overwhelmed or even fatigued). Not to mention when you need to get those things down it can be a health risk trying to get them off the shelf!

Always, always, put your heavy items on the bottom shelf which grounds the energy in a space (thus making you feel more grounded), and then when you want to get them you can safely bend down and pull them out.

#4 – Don’t keep a TV in your bedroom

I know, I know it sounds crazy but I have lived my entire life without a TV in the bedroom and anytime I have been convinced to put a TV in the bedroom I end up sleeping terrible and getting the thing out of there as quickly as possible! (much to the confusion and dismay of the significant other who suggested it in the first place).

I am a strong believer that there is a place for the TV and its not in my bedroom! For many reasons but mostly because there is a strong electrical pulse that emanates from TV’s even when they are turned off. This pulse can disrupt your sleep, make you feel fatigue, and decrease your motivation in life.

If you have to keep the TV in the bedroom then the next best thing is to get an armoire. They are the perfect way to keep a TV in your room without the negative effects it can have on your sleeping patterns. (Check these pretty ones out)

Don’t forget to check out my 30 Day “Be Fairy Organized” Challenge, I will be sharing more fun tips like this and its a fun way to connect and get involved in sharing great ideas on how to organize your home this year! It starts January 3rd!!



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